Mileage Correction

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We can provide Mileage Correction services to correct the mileage on almost any vehicle with a digital speedometer,whether it’s a car, bike or van.

Mileage Corrections are required for a number ofreasons.

For e.g. A flat battery may cause a corruption of the cars Digital odometer reading to display incorrect data or if you have had a new instrument cluster with 0 miles on it and need it adjusting to the correct mileage, or a second hand cluster and its reading too many miles, then you will require our mileage correction service.
We can perform digital odometer repairs and dash repairs, to display the correct miles again. Please Email, call or txt us for a Quote on your vehicle…We are based in Leicester and can provide the service from our site, call outs will be charged at different rates, please CALL OR TEXT NOW 07873300553 for quotations.
Vehicle List
For Digital Mileage Correction please check from the manufacturers below to see if your vehicle is covered.